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Model scenery Where Eagles Dare Model Train Layout 48" x 96"
Build on the movie with Clint Estwood Where Eagels DareRead More!
Christmas village Custom layout n-scale build by artist Jiri Pecha"
N-scale layout with hundreds Christmas lightsRead More!
Christmas model train diorama Christmas Model Train Diorama
Winter diorama bridge with blue riversRead More!
Bavarian Mining city Bavarian Mining City 48" x 96"
N-scale build with City TramwayRead More!
City of Bridges City of Bridges 48" x 96"
N-scaleRead More!

 If you thought that only kids

were interested in playing with toy trains, you would be terribly mistaken. Model trains are a wonderful hobby for a great number of enthusiastic adults all over the world. Men of different age groups pursue this hobby with a passion that would make even kids quite envious.

You think of it and we can create it!


I can offer you almost anything that you like about the world of custom scale structures, from the best detail to the perfect scaling that we can offer you, you are guaranteed a one of a kind piece that will make a fantastic impression and design factor to your home or business.


Attention all scale model enthusiasts

Hi my name is Jiri Pecha and I have been building scale models, model train scenery and model train layouts for most of my life. My experience as a model train builder has given me a unique perspective and a wealth of information that I am about to share with you. And my reason for sharing this information is quite simple… I want you and your loved ones to enjoy your model train purchases to the fullest extent possible.
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  • Handcrafted city with Christmas lights

    Handcrafted city with Christmas lights

    City buildings handcrafted with pernament snow weathered, cars with head lights. Christmas decoration with LED lights and optic cables.

  • Lighed Christmas tree

    Christmas tree with decoration

    Middle age city with Christmas decoration build by model train artist Jiri Pecha on the layout 48" x 48"

  • Christmas train station

    Christmas train station with Santa Claus

    Jiri Pecha's works have been referred to as “museum pieces” because of the extensive time he takes when researching a geographical location, assuring the authenticity and accuracy of detail, before actually engaging in the production process.